Podcast feed and Facebook player
We want you to get the most out of your radio station, that’s why we just created two brand new features for Airtime Pro. If you aren’t already an Airtime user, take a minute to sign up for a free trial. Within your station, you will notice that there are a couple changes. Read on to find out more.

Built-in podcast feed for Airtime Pro

As many of you know, podcasts have seen a significant resurgence in popularity ever since the release of NPR’s Serial podcast. Podcasts are radio programs available for download on-demand over the internet and are the best way to reach any listeners who’ve missed your radio broadcast. That’s why podcasts are a logical extension of our internet radio broadcasting software, Airtime Pro.We recently decided to create a few brand new and exciting features for Airtime Pro that will help broadcasters take advantage of this explosion in podcast popularity. So without further ado, welcome to the new built-in podcast feed for Airtime Pro.

My Podcast

To help you better reach your listeners, Airtime Pro now gives you a built-in podcast feed for your radio station. After uploading a full-length radio show to your station, you can easily publish it to your podcast feed and SoundCloud in only two clicks.The best part? Your podcast feed can be browsed, played, and subscribed to right from your Radio Page today. Just click the new Podcast icon on your Radio Page to check it out!
Built-in podcast feed
The new built-in podcast feed on the Radio player

Podcast ingest

Airtime Pro can now subscribe to your favorite podcast feeds and automatically download new episodes into your track library, bringing the best radio content from the web directly to your station. This powerful feature can save you time by aggregating and importing tracks for you.

Station-to-station sharing

Now that Airtime Pro can import and publish podcast episodes, you can easily share radio programs with your partner stations by publishing them to your podcast. If you’d prefer to share only with other stations and not your listeners, you can do that by toggling your Podcast Visibility to Private and sharing the secret link only with those stations.

Facebook widget

How strong is your social media game? Whether you have an established presence on Facebook or are just getting started, adding the new Facebook player widget will take your page to the next level. 
podcast feed on the radio page
The built-in podcast feed is conveniently displayed on the radio page
This new widget allows you to add your radio station to your Facebook page. The widget appears as a “Radio Player” tab on your Facebook page and lets your fans listen to your radio station and podcast right from your page. The new Facebook widget can be found inside your Airtime Pro station by clicking Widgets on the left, then Facebook.
Facebook widget
Adding the Facebook widget to your Facebook page is simple
Enjoy!Invite your friends to sign up for Airtime Pro and start building your radio station network today. If you have any questions or need any assistance, send us an email and we’ll get right on it.


  1. Joe Richards

    Will you guys still be able to provide demographic analytics?

    • Albert Santoni

      Our listener statistics measure radio listeners, regardless of whether they’re listening from your Radio Page, Facebook, or elsewhere. Though we have geographic analysis (is that what you meant?), we don’t offer any deep demographic insight beyond that. Does that answer your question?

  2. Infamous D

    when will it be mobile friendly? the tab it doesn’t appear when using mobile :/

    • Aleksandar Brajanoski


      What do you have in mind, the interface or the Radio Page? The Radio Page is mobile friendly. If there is something wrong with it, please talk to our Support team, there is a web-form at the bottom of our Support page.


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