We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Airtime Pro Back To School competition, which had more applications than ever proving that radio, and particularly internet radio, remains a strong medium of communication.

Teams from 19 countries submitted more than 100 internet radio station proposals for award consideration, including Nigeria, India, France, Haiti, the United States, Ghana, Gambia, Canada, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Belgium, Armenia, Switzerland, Kenya, Somalia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Bulgaria.

Even more applications came in where we were not able to determine the country of origin. 

Given the great response, we have decided to expand the prize pool. The three main winners will receive an Airtime Pro station free of charge for 12 months. But we are also giving away 12 additional Airtime Pro station subscriptions to second place teams. free of charge for 6 months.

So, without further ado, here are the winners:

First prize:

  • Radio Gurune 99.3fm – Ghana
  • Etikett Radio – Germany
  • NMA On Air – Bulgaria


Second prize:

  • Mkveducation – India
  • Lire et Faire Lire – France
  • Albert Gallatin High School Radio – USA
  • P97 The Mix – Canada
  • Nawis-radio – Saudi Arabia
  • K-SOUTH 93.4 – USA
  • Belgahay Radio BXL (BH+) – Belgium
  • Radio CM Saint Francois – Switzerland
  • WBMT – USA
  • Interrational – Switzerland
  • GACUDT – India
  • KU Radio – UK


Congratulations to everyone!




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