Airtime Pro will help students around the world learn from home via internet radio

Last month we launched a campaign to help schools and educational institutions cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with World Radio Day, we are giving away 10 Airtime Pro stations for one year to 10 organizations in different parts of the world broadcasting to learners at home. Here’s a brief description of the of our Back-to-School Station Giveaway winners and their plans:

CECO, Uganda

Aims to broadcast educational information in the following areas for students learning from home in Uganda: environmental education, climate change, organic agriculture, gender training, and life skills for youth.

Radio Art Laboratory, Germany

Operating from an art academy in Leipzig, this station plans to use Airtime Pro to expand its workshops in media arts and give students new creative possibilities through internet radio.

Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig)

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Radio Universitaria, Peru

An FM 89.5 local radio station located at the National University of the Center of Peru, this station aims to broadcast social project content for university community and general education.

USCtt, Trinidad and Tobago

This upcoming radio station of the University of Southern Caribbean plans to support the university’s existing distance learning options through internet radio.

BB Radio, USA

Beaubourg School in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a free school focusing on artistic and social research as well as community knowledge sharing through stories, dramas, conversations, and guided meditations.

BB Radio is an extension of The Beaubourg Theatre (@bea.ubo.urg), a public arts space and arts organization in Bulbancha (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA). Along with, The Beaubourg School (@thebeaubourgschool) and Fourth Wall Coffee (, BB Radio aims to strengthen existing communities and create new ones by offering opportunities for artistic experimentation as well as engaged dialogue and learning. The station will launch in January of 2021!

The Beaubourg School

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SunFM, Malaysia

This new campus radio station and podcast facility hopes to be a voice for students and the campus community, as well as a training ground for students to learn how to do radio shows and podcasts.


School of Arts, Sunway University

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Acústica, Colombia

This station associated with EAFIT university in Medellin aims to provide educational as well as inspirational programming to students.

Universidad EAFIT

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The Tiger Takeover, USA

A student-led online radio station at the University of Memphis, this campus livestream will provide entertaining and informative programming that represents the diversity of the student body.

WZRD Chicago, USA

A student-run radio station at Northeastern Illinois University that was founded back in 1974, its goals are to restore the pre-pandemic level of programming and eventually expand its offerings further.


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We wish our winning stations all the best as they embark on their plans, and look forward to hearing back from them about the new and creative uses they find for Airtime Pro over the next year!