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Prague and Santa Cruz, CA – 12 April 2018

Airtime Pro (, the award winning internet radio broadcasting automation platform, and Nobex Partners, the provider of customizable mobile applications for radio broadcasters and podcasters, announced a partnership today. Nobex has been selected as the exclusive mobile app provider for Airtime Pro, bringing this long awaited feature to all Airtime Pro station owners. This partnership delivers Airtime Pro broadcasters highly personalized, engaging and monetizable mobile applications for their online radio stations and podcasts.


Why do internet DJs choose Airtime Pro? Our cloud-based radio station broadcasting software boasts a long list of industry-leading features, including advanced automation, DJ management, seamless transitions between live and scheduled programming, and social media widgets. Airtime Pro offers advanced technology that’s also fun to use, supporting broadcasters in their pursuit of delivering premium radio content.


Nobex mobile applications offers broadcasters a fully customized mobile app experience, from programming, to branding. In addition, broadcasters can earn revenue with the Nobex mobile app’s advertising feature.


The combination of Airtime Pro’s powerful broadcast automation technology with Nobex’s robust, fully-customizable mobile apps offers an instant mobile win for broadcasters. With mobile apps for all, broadcasters can streamline management of their online stations, easily monetize their content, and most of all, deliver an unparalleled experience to their listening audience.


Aleksandar Brajanoski, Airtime Pro Product Manager, says:

“We’re extremely happy to have Nobex by our side. Thanks to this partnership, we are now able to meet the huge demand for a customizable Station App in our client base. Furthermore, Nobex gives our DJs and station owners opportunity to monetize their stations, which comes as a nice bonus. We decided to go with Nobex because we think they have the best offering in the station app market.”


Cait Watson, VP Customer Success, Nobex Technologies, says:

“We’re really looking forward to helping Airtime Pro users get their own custom mobile apps. Setting up their station with Airtime Pro was easy, we want to make setting up their mobile app just as easy.”


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  1. Bob Gaye

    This is great. A much needed step for alot of Broadcasters!

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