Broadcasting the Australia Open with Airtime Pro

Hey Airtimers, we have great news. Tennis Australia and Airtime Pro have joined forces to bring the live online radio broadcast of the first Grand Slam of 2018 (Australian Open) to millions of listeners around the globe. It’s a great start to the year, not to mention a confidence boost to keep on working on the best possible features for all our customers!


So what else is going on?


We started negotiating a deal with a mobile app provider for our customers at the end of last year, and we hope to bring that to you very soon. Airtime Pro streams have been tested with the platform, and we have a few test stations already running their Airtime Pro stations’ apps on Android, IOS, and even BlackBerry. It’s working like a charm. And guess what – the app comes totally free of charge.


We’ve also been working on the new Scheduler and Clockwheels features for some time now and we expect to have both of those done by April or May this year.


On top of that we are finalizing work on the brand new geo-blocking feature.


Enjoy your airtime with Airtime Pro, Airtimers!

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  1. Radiopowerua

    Can an airtime’s rebroadcast and how…?

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