Covering Licensing: Streaming Your Airtime Pro Station Via Live365

How to Broadcast From Airtime Pro to Live365

In this blog post, we are going to show you how to get your Airtime Pro station to send your broadcast and metadata to your station on Live365, an internet radio platform that includes monetisation and licensing options.  It’s important to know that, in order for Live365’s licensing to cover you, listeners must connect via […]

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Airtime Pro: Built for Remote Broadcasting During Times of Crisis

Doug Arellenas' home studio for online radio broadcasting.

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply impacted all aspects of society, and the radio broadcasting community is no exception.  Radio stations are facing the same problems affecting offices worldwide: how to continue operating in a time of extreme social distancing. Several college radio stations have had to suspend broadcasting altogether with the closure of their campuses. […]

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Live Broadcast from Anywhere with Your Airtime Pro Station and Your Phone

Live broadcast with Airtime Pro station and your phone

In this blog post we will show you how you can become a street reporter using a live broadcast app on your phone and our internet broadcasting software Airtime Pro. We have also created a simple video that walks you through the steps on-screen. But the very first thing to do is set up our […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Airtime Pro ‘Change the World’ Contest

Internet radio studio

The winners for our “Change the World” contest have been decided! We had originally planned to give away 10 Airtime Pro stations, free for a year, but due to the quality of the applicants, we decided to add a couple more winners, bringing the total to 12. Earlier this year we teamed up with “WBCN […]

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