10+ ways to attract new listeners to your internet radio station

10 ways to attract new listeners to your internet radio station

In our last blog post we covered some great ways to engage and retain your listeners. In this post we will see how you can attract new ones and grow your traffic. 1. Submit your internet station to Internet radio directories Internet directories are acting as internet radio aggregators and they are a great way […]

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Top 14 radio directories to submit your station and grow your audience in 2021

Top 14 radio directories to submit your internet station to in 2021

Your dream has come true. You’ve started an internet radio station. But now what? It doesn’t make sense to spend hours broadcasting and have just your mother and girlfriend/boyfriend listening to you, right? So, the big question is: how do you get new listeners to your internet radio station? It can be time-consuming and a […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Back-to-School Station Giveaway

Back-to-School Station Giveaway

Airtime Pro will help students around the world learn from home via internet radio Last month we launched a campaign to help schools and educational institutions cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with World Radio Day, we are giving away 10 Airtime Pro stations for one year to 10 organizations in different parts of […]

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Announcing the Winners of Our Airtime Pro ‘Change the World’ Contest

Internet radio studio

The winners for our “Change the World” contest have been decided! We had originally planned to give away 10 Airtime Pro stations, free for a year, but due to the quality of the applicants, we decided to add a couple more winners, bringing the total to 12. Earlier this year we teamed up with “WBCN […]

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The 4 Steps to Successful Public Relations for Internet Radio

Successful Public Relations for Internet Radio

It’s less frustrating when you’re collaborating. The evolution of social media and digital marketing has created an often overwhelming choice for promoting your internet radio station to a vast number of potential listeners. However, like many of us you may be finding it increasingly difficult to gain meaningful traction in an ever more crowded digital […]

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Welcome Live365 users!

Welcoming all Live365 users to Airitme

If you’re looking to move your radio station off of Live365, this short FAQ will help you decide if Airtime Pro is right for you: What is Airtime Pro? Airtime Pro is an online radio hosting platform, which includes our best-in-class radio scheduling software, expandable storage, stream hosting, a page for your radio station, widgets for […]

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Get 20x the listeners this holiday season

Don't leave them hanging Airtime photo

The holidays are here! Well, almost… This season, enjoy 20x the listeners for the same great price! The Airtime Pro team has decided to celebrate this holiday season early by giving away 20x more listeners per plan if users upgrade to an annual plan. For the same original low price, you’ll not only receive increased […]

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