Last week we announced the release of our new embeddable player widget for Airtime Pro. It’s never been easier to add a web player to your stations website. Ready to get started? Here’s how to get the most out of the new player and details on how to easily embed it on your website.

Where do I get started?

If you already have an Airtime Pro account, skip to the next section and follow the directions. If you are new to Airtime Pro, have a look at our features and then get started on a free trial or try our demo. Next, explore some of our tutorials to help you get started and then follow these directions to get your player widget embedded on your website.

The player embed code in the your Airtime Pro instance

The player embed code in the your Airtime Pro instance

How to customize the player and find the embed code.

To get started, find the player screen by clicking System -> Player. From there you’ll have several options to choose from and a display of important information related to the player. The ‘Title’ section allows you to change what will be displayed in the header of the player, in case you’d rather have your station name there. The ‘Select Stream’ section has two options, the first (Auto detect the most appropriate stream to use) will detect the stream that’s going to be the most compatible with the player, if you chose the second option (Select a stream) you can force it to choose one of your Airtime Pro streams. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a grid that will show you which browsers and stream types are best suited for your station.

The most important section on the screen is the embeddable code field, this is what you’ll copy and paste into the backend of your website. You can copy and paste it directly into the page you’d like to put it on. As an example, I created a blank page with the player on it. Here’s what the code would look like:




<iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”280″ height=”216″

src= “ Playing”>



If you have a CMS such as WordPress, you can insert it in via the text editor, here’s a screenshot of what it looked like when I edited it in:

The embed code for the player in action

The embed code for the player in action









And here is a demo of the embedded player on the Airtime Pro page.

Airtime Pro player embedded on a WordPress site.

Airtime Pro player embedded on a WordPress site.












We’d love to see how you’re embedding the player in your website, please send us screenshots to and we’ll feature you on our ‘Who’s Using‘ page.