Airtime Pro: Geolocation feature on the revamped statistics page

A big part of running a great radio station is knowing your listeners. To help you with that, we’re pleased to unveil a revamped listener statistics page for Airtime Pro that shows where your listeners are, how long they’re listening for, and what they’re listening to.

Session duration distribution - Bins and displays how long your audience listens for


We’ve split the Listener Statistics page up into several different reports, including:

  • A “Geolocation” report showing a map of your listeners and top countries or cities
  • A “Most Popular Shows” report, showing your most listened to shows
  • “Aggregate Listener Hours” (or aggregate tuning hours), which charts the sum of all listening sessions each day
  • A “Listening Session Durations” report, which shows how long you’re keeping your audience for

With these new analytics, you’ll be able to glean new insights about your listeners and better tailor your Airtime Pro radio station to your audience.

Lastly, we’d love to hear your feedback on these new reports. Are there any other metrics or filters you’d like to see? Leave a comment below or send us an email!


  1. James

    Hello I am a former live365 broadcaster (Studio 1G), how does the fees for copyrights apply?

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