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Looking for some new online radio equipment? Wondering how to join an internet station directory? Or even why your station’s stream is skipping or buffering?

Internet radio is a field full of things to learn about. Even if you are a seasoned professional, things are always changing, from hardware like Reciva to software like IceCast. Meanwhile, newbies need guidance on internet radio basics.

The answer to all of these questions can be found in one place: internet radio community forums.

What are internet radio community forums?

These are online groups that can be found on dedicated websites as well as in social platforms such as Facebook and Quora. They are peer groups of fellow radio internet enthusiasts dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences.

What internet radio community forums are not are places to promote your show or sell a product. They are not places to ask for financial support. They are also not places to be negative or trollish. Because people are offering their knowledge and help for free, it is important to not only be respectful as a member but also to contribute in some way yourself. Think about what you can give, not just what you can get.

The internet radio community forums you should join now

We have put together a list of some of the top online radio community forums we know and love below. Are there any others that you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

1. Internet Radio Broadcasting Tech & Tips
The largest Facebook group for internet radio aficionados, this one has over 10,000 members and features discussion on everything from technical tips and tricks to programming and promotion.

2. Internet Radio Broadcasting Worldwide Facebook group

1.k members. A group dedicated to becoming better at internet radio, whether for newcomers or existing broadcasters. Covers a range of topics, from technical to administrative to operational.

An old school bulletin-board-style forum about all things related to internet radio, from specific radio-related hardware and software to associated devices like home voice assistants.

A network of internet radio stations around the world where you can upload (but not promote) your own station URL. The community forum covers a broad range of topics, including ham radio, and is open to anyone whether you have a station or not.

Includes general internet radio discussions as well as specific ones about software and hardware. This forum also covers other kinds of streaming including TV and gaming, as well as production extras such as jingles and voice overs.

Also a platform or virtual network for online radio stations as well as a place to ask questions about everything from more advanced issues like geo-locking to basic setup.

7. Quora Internet Radio Group
Finally, you might like to follow the internet radio topic on Quora to get insight about listening habits and interests around the world.

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