Partners: Nobex Partners

Nobex Partners is the complete digital solution for radio stations and podcasters. We make it easy for you to create your own custom, feature-rich mobile app and provide the most powerful Dashboard to help you engage and grow your listenership.


Nobex Partners

Your branded, state-of-the-art application

Within a few day, you can have your own, branded application published in the application stores. No more sending your listeners to find your content in other applications (together with many others). You control the content, the dialog, your brand. And it’s not just about your live stream – it’s also for your on demand content, YouTube channel, facebook, twitter, Instagram – anything you have to share with your audience.

Mobile is not just a new distribution channel – it’s an eye opener

The application keeps reporting usage and events to the server. Your listener tuned in – you know when and where. She switched off – you know what song was playing then. She increased the volume – that’s an interesting engagement signal. We take all this data, and provide you with actionable insights. And all this – without requiring the user to do anything other than listening to you.


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Mobile allows you to proactively get them back

It’s no longer only broadcast with no control on who tunes in. You can push them reminder messages a few minutes before their favorite show starts. You can push them a link to a special item you think they will be interested in. We will automatically push them a message when a song that they liked is playing again on your station. You can push a message to all your listeners at any time, or schedule it to go out at a given time. You can proactively get them back.

Mobile creates new revenue streams

Your stream carried ads, that we know. But your mobile app includes visual ads that pay $6-10 CPM, native ads within the lists in the application, and a unique, hyper-local ad system that allows you to sell highly engaging, targeted, measured and geo-fenced local ads.