A few weeks ago Airtime Pro released secure (HTTPS) streams to all of our clients. The old unsecure HTTP streams can still be used. This means that if your Airtime Pro station is connected to the TuneIn platform via TuneIn integration, you won’t have to change anything and your stream will continue running smoothly. If your player widget was embedded before the change it will also keep working as normal. Unlike the old HTTP stream, the new version won’t trigger any security warnings. See it in action here (unsecure):  http://sourcefabric.airtime.pro/embed/player?stream=auto, and here (secure): https://sourcefabric.airtime.pro/embed/player?stream=auto.

Why did we do it?

  • Whether you’re embedding the Airtime Pro player widget or the whole radio page on your site, your visitors will not be greeted by any security warnings. The same can also now be said about your Airtime Pro radio page.
  • HTTPS is great for SEO, and may improve your search engine rankings.
  • Introducing modern security standards helps us prevent malicious tracking and unauthorised access to data that might be possible via the old HTTP communication.

Happy DJing

Alex & Airtime Pro Team