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Put simply, Airtime Pro saves you time and money. It’s like adding a professional IT technician to your radio team, at a fraction of the cost. When you add up how much you spend in one year on server maintenance, software upgrades, security patches and technician fees, Airtime Pro is a bargain!

You can integrate Airtime Pro with a full live playout tool like Mixxx to broadcast live. Airtime Pro can be used in conjunction with a variety of 3rd party programs. You can read more about live broadcast with Airtime Pro here.

Unfortunately Airtime Pro does not assist with music licensing. Due to the global nature of our customers, we are unable to offer any licensing advice, as this varies by country.

We’ll set up your Airtime Pro station for you in about 2 minutes. You don’t need to install anything locally as Airtime Pro is a web-based application. You can start broadcasting within minutes of your station being active. Check out our Airtime Pro Quick Start Guide!

Sourcefabric’s global team of experts is there for you! Every package comes with ticket, email and forum support. Our Starter, Plus and Premium packages come with Live Chat support during our support hours 7-21 UTC Monday-Friday. If you need extra assistance, we can also put together a custom support package that fits your needs. You can also find plenty of articles about Airtime Pro on our Help Center.

Sure! We have lots of interest from organisations that only need Airtime Pro in the short term. Most of our contracts are billed monthly. Our contracts are easy to cancel after your event. And because we offer hosting, streaming and support, you only have one provider to deal with.

You’ll get a personalised, secure account dashboard upon sign up, from which you can manage everything related to your account, from contact emails to payment methods.

Airtime Pro grows with your radio station, allowing you to upgrade your plan according to your needs, and all without long term contracts. From the Premium package, you can even upgrade individual elements. You can also downgrade at any time, free of charge. If you downgrade, we will update your billing at the next cycle. If you upgrade, we will update your billing and implement your new services immediately.

Airtime Pro is a rolling contract service. Most of our customers pay month-to-month. If you are paying monthly and cancel, you will only be billed for the current month. Alternatively, you can also be billed yearly for a discounted price. You can update your Airtime Pro package from within the Airtime Pro interface at any time.

Sourcefabric utilises state-of-the-art encryption, protection and network security. Airtime Pro employs secure identification and encryption through HTTPS.

The Airtime Pro Starter and Plus packages come with 2 streams, and the Premium package comes with 3 streams. Each Airtime Pro station has one audio output, but the multiple streams allow you to offer different use options. Some multiple stream usage examples are as follows:

  • Many stations find it useful to offer streams that broadcasts at different bitrates: Lower bitrate streams for mobile users, or users on poor internet connections, and higher quality streams for listeners on faster stable internet connections.
  • You could set each stream to a different format. For example, set one on MP3 and set one on AAC. This could be useful if you are using Airtime Pro in conjunction with other programs that require specific input formats.
  • Another common use of multiple streams is to set up the second stream as a fallback in case the first stream fills with listener slots.
  • You can also set one stream to your website and one to your mobile app, or other source, so it is easier to measure where your listeners are coming from on your Airtime Pro Analytics page.

If you want to have more than one set of content playing simultaneously, you will need a separate Airtime Pro station for each set of content that you want.

Airtime Pro does not supply a dedicated mobile app, but you can develop one yourself, or have one developed for you. For more information, check out our blog post.

While we don’t supply an app, Airtime Pro does supply widgets for your webpage, and a customisable, mobile-friendly Radio Page for each station.

With millions of listeners tuning in around the world, Australian Open put their trust in Airtime Pro – our online broadcasting software – to manage their coverage of the event.
Australian Open

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