Starting an internet radio station with Airtime Pro

Introducing Radio Page 2.0

Holiday present for you, Airtimers: Radio Page 2.0! The Airtime Pro team is proud to announce the brand new Radio Page, set to go live on December 12. All current trial and paid stations will be upgraded automatically. The new specs … Read More

A new Twitter integration comes to Airtime Pro

Twitter comes to Airtime Pro

We’re excited to announce that Airtime Pro and Twitter are now best friends. The Airtime Pro team has launched a Twitter integration so that your station can keep your Twitter fans updated on what you’ve been playing and what shows … Read More

Airtime Pro: Geolocation feature on the revamped statistics page

Improved listener statistics, now with geolocation

A big part of running a great radio station is knowing your listeners. To help you with that, we’re pleased to unveil a revamped listener statistics page for Airtime Pro that shows where your listeners are, how long they’re listening … Read More

Welcome Live365 users!

If you’re looking to move your radio station off of Live365, this short FAQ will help you decide if Airtime Pro is right for you: What is Airtime Pro? Airtime Pro is an online radio hosting platform, which includes our … Read More

Starting an internet radio station

Share radio programs between stations with podcasting

Get the most out of your station with this tutorial for the new podcast feature The podcast feed built into your Airtime Pro station can be used as a simple way to distribute radio programs with partner stations. Anything you … Read More

How to podcast with Airtime Pro

How to publish a podcast with Airtime Pro

Podcasts are an essential channel for many radio stations due to their ability to reach offline listeners and offer a great solution for on-demand listening. To help you capitalize on that, we’ve built podcast hosting right into your Airtime Pro … Read More

Don't leave them hanging Airtime photo

Get 20x the listeners this holiday season

The holidays are here! Well, almost… This season, enjoy 20x the listeners for the same great price! The Airtime Pro team has decided to celebrate this holiday season early by giving away 20x more listeners per plan if users

Podcast feed and Facebook player

Airtime Pro’s new podcast feed and Facebook widget

We want you to get the most out of your radio station, that’s why we just created two brand new features for Airtime Pro and start building your radio station network today. If you have any questions or need any assistance, … Read More

Welcoming all Live365 users to Airitme

Introducing a new look for Airtime Pro

Today, we’re excited to unveil a redesigned interface for Airtime Pro. This new interface brings a sleek new look and reorganized layout to your station that makes powerful features like the Smart Block Editor easier to use.       … Read More

Airtime Pro: Quick-Start Your Own Internet Radio Station

Shape the future of college radio with the new education discount

The Airtime Pro team believes that technology can be a powerful solution to limited resources. Airtime Pro gives anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and an idea, the platform they need to reach out and engage with as large … Read More