Live broadcast with Airtime Pro station and your phone

Live Broadcast from Anywhere with Your Airtime Pro Station and Your Phone

In this blog post we will show you how you can become a street reporter using a live broadcast app on your phone and our internet broadcasting software Airtime Pro. We have also created a As soon as you do … Read More

SoundCloud integration for Airtime Pro!

SoundCloud Integration for Airtime Pro

Airtime Pro now lets you upload tracks from your library directly to your station’s SoundCloud page. If you frequently broadcast full, pre-produced radio shows, this new feature can help you streamline your audio publishing workflow. Title, genre, and year metadata … Read More

Airtime Pro – Quick start guide: How to add content to your show

to add content to you show? This video is the fourth in a series of tutorials for a quick start to Airtime Pro. This week’s video shows you how to add content to your show, stay tuned for the next … Read More

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