Live Broadcast from Anywhere with Your Airtime Pro Station and Your Phone

Live broadcast with Airtime Pro station and your phone

In this blog post we will show you how you can become a street reporter using a live broadcast app on your phone and our internet broadcasting software Airtime Pro. We have also created a simple video that walks you through the steps on-screen. But the very first thing to do is set up our […]

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Airtime Pro live broadcasting – A video tutorial

How to broadcast live with Airtime Pro. Have you been wondering how to broadcast live in Airtime Pro? This handy video tutorial is your quick guide to getting started. If you haven’t yet, start your own online radio station today with a free trial of Airtime Pro today!   Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates […]

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Airtime Pro – Quick start guide: How to add content to your show

How to add content to you show. This video is the fourth in a series of tutorials for a quick start to Airtime Pro. This week’s video shows you how to add content to your show, stay tuned for the next installment coming soon. If you haven’t yet, get started with your own online radio […]

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On air in 3, 2, 1… Airtime’s live radio modes and how to use them

Broadcast live with Airtime Pro

So you want to broadcast live in Airtime Pro?  There are four ways to do so, here’s your handy guide on how to get the most out of all of them. Using source streams Airtime DJs can rebroadcast incoming streams managed by a source switcher which manually, or automatically, connects to the correct source (and […]

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