5 Must-Have Features in Online Radio Software

5 Must-Have Features in Online Radio Software

If you’re a radio DJ or

Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Online Radio

The 15 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Internet Radio

Once you have started your own online radio station with Airtime Pro, the next step to success is to start building a social media presence right away. Twitter is without a doubt one of the premier social media platforms for

Airtime Pro Radio Players

How to Embed Airtime Pro’s Radio Player on Your Website

So, you have your Airtime Pro station already set up and you want to place it on your website, right? Easy. Airtime Pro’s Radio Player is a flexible widget that in a few easy steps can be embedded with just … Read More

Getting on the air with Airtime Pro Online Radio Broadcast software

Starting an Airtime Pro Internet Radio Station and Broadcasting Live in Under 5 Minutes

In this blog post we are going to walk you through   4. Scheduling your first show After your tracks are uploaded, it’s time to start scheduling your first show. Start by clicking the calendar button in the navigation bar … Read More

Start Your Own Online Radio Show

How to Start Your Own Online Radio Show

Radio has certainly seen some ups and downs in its more-than-100-year history, but remains one of the most important mediums for keeping the public informed and entertained. More than 75% of households in developing countries have a radio, and there … Read More

Doug Arellenas' home studio for online radio broadcasting.

Airtime Pro: Built for Remote Broadcasting During Times of Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply impacted all aspects of society, and the radio broadcasting community is no exception.  Radio stations are facing the same problems affecting offices worldwide: how to continue operating in a time of extreme social distancing. Several … Read More

How To Fully Integrate Social Media into Your Airtime Pro Internet Radio Station

How To Fully Integrate Social Media into Your Airtime Pro Internet Radio Station

Airtime Pro has several integrated social media features that will help raise the profile of your online radio station, making it discoverable to the widest possible audience. Our internet radio broadcasting software comes with a responsive Radio Page, which you … Read More

How To Customise Your Airtime Pro Radio Page

How To Customise Your Airtime Pro Radio Page

Customising the look and functionality of your online radio station is a great way to get your branding message across and forge a deeper connection with your audience. Fortunately, Starting from the top of this page, you’ll find fields for … Read More

Airtime Pro - internet radio broadcasting software

How Silan and ReplayGain make Airtime broadcasts sound better

In radio, it is natural to want our broadcasts and web streams to sound as polished as possible. We also want to avoid wasting contributor time on routine production tasks that could otherwise be spent creating great content. There are two … Read More