If you’re looking to move your radio station off of Live365, this short FAQ will help you decide if Airtime Pro is right for you:

What is Airtime Pro?

Airtime Pro is an online radio hosting platform, which includes our best-in-class radio scheduling software, expandable storage, stream hosting, a page for your radio station, widgets for your own website, TuneIn integration, podcasting/on-demand streaming, a facebook widget and more. Our software allows you to broadcast 24/7 with automated, pre-scheduled shows, and broadcast live at any time with Icecast-compatible software like Mixxx. Airtime Pro supports an unlimited number of DJs per station too. Lastly, most Airtime Pro plans come with built-in live chat support, so you can easily reach our support team if you get stuck.

Show off your station with a built-in dedicated radio player page.

Show off your station with a built-in dedicated radio player page.

Will my stream be licensed to webcast music in the United States?

Airtime Pro does not charge or pay royalties for the use of commercially released music, or any other copyrighted works. You must cover any royalties which you may be required to pay. However, Airtime Pro is fully compatible with streamlicensing.com, so if you wish to webcast commercially released music to listeners in the United States and/or Canada, we recommend that you contact this service to arrange SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SOCAN licensing as a small webcaster. Please note that talk stations and other webcasters which exclusively stream their own, original content are not generally obliged to pay streaming royalties.

Where is your service based?

Airtime Pro is administered and hosted by Sourcefabric in Europe, with a development office in Canada.

Do you provide a custom player?

Airtime Pro comes with an easily embeddable player widget, but you are free to use any Icecast-compatible player widget on your own website, such as the MUSES Radio Player, and customize that to your liking.

The player widget in action

A preview of our embedded player widget.

How many listener hours can I stream?

Our plans allow you to stream to a certain number of listeners at the same time, but also limit the total streaming bandwidth your station may consume in a given month. For example, our Starter package offers up to 400 listeners concurrently.

To offer these high concurrent listener limits, we also limit the total bandwidth your streams may use within a calendar month. This balance means you don’t have to worry as much about hitting your listener cap if you get a sudden surge in popularity. For example, our Starter package currently comes with 3 TB of bandwidth per month, which is equivalent to about 100,000 listener hours per month when streaming at a quality of 64 kbps.

How many hours per month can I broadcast live for?


How many DJs can I invite to join my station?


What kind of support do you offer?

All plans include email and ticket support provided by our dedicated support team, and some plans even include live chat support too (find out more about our plans.) Our support team is available from 07:00 – 22:00 UTC Monday – Friday.

Do your plans include Icecast streaming?

Yes. Each plan comes with our own Airtime Pro streaming services included, which are based on Icecast. Airtime Pro can also be configured to broadcast using a third party Icecast server.

Do I need desktop software? A mobile app? How do I stream live?

Airtime Pro runs in the cloud, so scheduling playlists can be done entirely from your web browser. If you’d like to do live broadcasting, then you’ll currently need to download an Icecast-compatible source client like Mixxx (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). To broadcast through Airtime Pro from your mobile phone, we recommend BroadcastMySelf (Android) or KoalaSAN (iOS).

I have a question not listed here!

Please get in touch and we’d be happy to answer it!