The Airtime Pro team believes that technology can be a powerful solution to limited resources. Airtime Pro gives anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and an idea, the platform they need to reach out and engage with as large an audience as they can find without dependency on investor oversight. Airtime Pro is already operating at Ryerson University and proving itself to be a great tool. Their early success has inspired us to once again go beyond just telling you what we’ve built.

Simply put, college radio is an institution, one we’re proud to help drive into the 21st century.

So, in the interest of doing just that, and creating greater access to more powerful tools around the world, we’re excited, even proud to offer a 45% discount for all new academic plans between now and the end of October. After October, we will be featuring an ongoing discount of 30% to all academic plans. 

How do I qualify?

It’s easy. Be a student or a teacher and have the account affiliated with an educational organization. While we’d love to open this up to everyone, we think that we can have the greatest impact this time around by engaging with academic institutions. We’re not exactly shy with our promotional offers (it’s a hazard of believing so strongly about what you build), so keep an eye on this blog.

Some of the benefits you can offer your college or university with Airtime Pro include:

  • Live and pre-recorded interviews with special guests – students, professors, local bands, visiting speakers, local politicians
  • Engage your community
  • Promote important discussion
  • Broadcast critical school updates
  • Share the creative work of the student body
  • Share recorded lectures online
  • Easy, affordable practicum opportunity for public speaking, broadcasting, and presentations
  • Go it alone or develop complex team-building exercises

Additional new features can be found here.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t run this promotion forever, so to take advantage of the 45% discount, sign up by the end of October. Ensure that you and your school has the opportunity it needs to benefit from’s powerful solution and slick, easy interface.

Connect with us, be the next voice, whether you’re Rodney on the Rock or Ira Glass, John Peel or Dr. Demento, get and be heard.